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[FanArt] Nick Vanill Pixel PageDoll by Hells-Princess-Cra

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Nice to sp00p you, welcome to Nick Vanill's-FC
Enjoy your stay~

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario This group was meant for Nick Vanill himself since he's one of my favorite written creepypastas.
I really hope most of you're enjoying him as much as I am ; v ;

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Group Folder:
Small Blinking Text Cursor by neripixuNick Vanill- only Nick ALONE.
Small Blinking Text Cursor by neripixuFan-Pairings- For your fan made pairs for Nick.
Small Blinking Text Cursor by neripixuNick + Other pasta. - Drawings of Nick with other amazing pastas.
Small Blinking Text Cursor by neripixuStamps,Memes,Parodies- A folder for a bunch of giggles and stampies.
Small Blinking Text Cursor by neripixuLiterature- fan-fiction of Nick or with Nick in it.

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Rules.

- Please, respect each other's opinions and character itself same as creator.
- Read rules, duh.
- Don't spam.
- Please don't post nothing that doesn't have Nick in it :^) .

People that won't follow rules, will be banned from group or blocked.

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Nick Vanill's Official References/ Stories.

Reference: Creepypasta Reference - Nick Vanill by GhostfaceNikol
Horror Story: [CreepyPasta Story] Nick Vanill

"Last Trains depart after four minutes. "
I stood and waited for an oncoming train from far away. There were no people around, I probably was the only one person at second hour of the night that could take the train.
After the train stopped, I got in and chose a seat next to the window. The train began to move, and announced that departs from it's location to the nearest station.
I comfortably sat down, pulled my mp3 player and headphones, so my time would go faster. Suddenly, lights in the train turned off, it's not for the first time, probably... they actually think I can go without a light, hmm? God, they really try to save more money nowadays. Thank God, that there was some light coming through the windows.
A couple of minutes, the train stopped, but not on my stop because the train needs to overpass the two stations. I directed my attention to the man, who went to the same wagon, where I was, but this person sat down at the completely opposite side from where I was sitting. Du

Origin Story: [ Backstory ] Nick Vanill
Please, unerstand this story is not meant to be creepy nor "creepypasta " related content. Story's intention is to show how Nick Vanill became the way he is right now.

Back in 1994 in the United States of America in California, a young couple got married in the begging of upcoming summer.  Both of them graduated Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science. Nancy Verton and her husband Jame Verton were both young adults which were twenty six year olds and they were able to afford small village until they get a job at the nearest city's Medical Center UCLA, so they would be able to pay for the rent and their needs of living and of course for their fascinating future.
Nancy was an attractive young lady and was incredibly smart one too and few years ago she fell for James who was also studying at the same university, even though her friends never understood her decision, he was indeed smart but he wasn't as attractive as all other students but she always







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